PBC Poker Players Lose Out

PBC Poker Players Lose Out


Michael Melillo, A Palm Beach County resident who is also a poker player set out to plan a kidnap to take avenge for the $100, 000 he lost over 5 years. He believed a wealthy man also had share in the money and hatched a kidnap plan along with another man Pavlos Kaimacliotis of Jupiter. Both are accused and behind the bars for kidnapping the unidentified wealthy man demanding a $20 million dollar ransom from his wife.

The kidnap plan was processed over a year but with the interference of the FBI the plot got foiled. Another unidentified man had shown a photograph of the man to be abducted to one of the kidnappers. On the day of the deliverance of the ransom money at the Palm Beach International airport, the FBI arrested the two offenders. An undercover agent helped the plot to get busted. Michael Melillo is known to have practiced law in New Jersey prior to playing poker. The two acquaintances of Melillo involved in the case revealed to the FBI that Melillo planned to open foreign bank accounts to keep the money so that he would not traced by law.

It was reported that Melillo’s main motive for the kidnap was revenge in the beginning but then later on he added that he wanted to provide a quality life to his 2 and a ½ year old son. After getting caught Melillo explained to the FBI that five years ago he played few high-end poker games and lost $100, 000, 00 which he thought was done intentionally. He also presumed that some wealthy man has share in this money therefore he decided to kidnap the man. Melillo allegedly settled for a $ 12.5 million ransom with the victim’s wife after further negotiation. However, the FBI had knowledge of the delivery and introduced fake money. He was celebrating at the airport with the money when he was arrested.

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